Helldivers 2 Pulled from Steam in 170 Countries Amid PSN Controversy, Valve Offers Unprecedented Refunds

  • 07-05-2024 |
  • Jack Knight

Helldivers 2 has been withdrawn from Steam across 170 nations where PlayStation Network (PSN) is not accessible, as Valve sidesteps its own rules to offer reimbursements to those who have played for more than 100 hours. The controversy surrounding Helldivers 2 has intensified as it became unavailable on Steam in numerous countries despite being the top-selling game of the year.

This past week, Sony, the game's publisher, declared that Helldivers 2 PC gamers would need to connect to an active PSN account soon or face losing game access. This requirement, initially an optional feature at the game's launch, has led to a surge of negative feedback from players, reflected in a flood of adverse reviews for the previously celebrated action game.

As of yesterday, a community manager for Helldivers 2 confirmed that players in areas without PSN could still access the game and would not face restrictions. Yet, recent updates from the Steam Database indicate that Helldivers 2 has been removed from sale in these PSN-absent regions. It's now uncertain whether players who already own Helldivers 2 in these unsupported areas can continue to access the game.

This situation marks a substantial setback for Helldivers 2, transforming Sony's major success story into a source of controversy. This incident brings up questions about the initial decision to sell the game in these territories, especially considering Sony's eventual insistence on PSN connectivity.

In defiance of its typical policies, Valve's Steam platform has begun processing refund requests for dedicated players with extensive playtimes beyond the usual limit. Given that the PSN linkage requirement was introduced well after the game's debut, Valve appears to be making allowances for refunds under these unique circumstances.

An Arrowhead Studios developer highlighted that the PSN policy adjustment originated from Sony, not the development team, suggesting that issuing refunds might be a more constructive approach to addressing player dissatisfaction than directing frustration at the developers. It's notable that Sony announced this policy change on a Friday and has yet to address the mounting criticism.

For those still engaged with the game, there's new content to explore in the upcoming Polar Patriots Warbond update.