Crossout: Building Your First Battle Vehicle

  • 16-05-2024 |
  • Jack Knight

As an avid gamer who has spent countless hours exploring various game genres, I ventured into the post-apocalyptic landscape of Crossout, an action-packed vehicular combat MMO developed by Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment. The game thrusts players into a chaotic world where they must construct their battle vehicles from scratch and engage in explosive skirmishes. What is captivating about Crossout is not just the relentless battles, but the art of crafting a unique machine of destruction. Here, I'll walk you through crafting your first battle vehicle and share the intricacies of the game's design.

Getting Started with Vehicle Assembly

To kickstart your journey in Crossout, the first order of business is the construction of your battle vehicle. Beginners might find this task daunting, but with the right approach, it becomes an enjoyable puzzle. Start by accessing the 'Build Mode' where you will see your garage and various components available for assembly. The essential parts include the frame, cabin, wheels, weapons, and armor. Each component not only contributes to the aesthetic but significantly impacts the performance of your battle vehicle.

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Choosing the right cabin is crucial as it serves as the heart of your vehicle, dictating power output and energy capacity. Energy determines how many weapons and other equipment you can mount on your vehicle. As for the wheels, stability and mobility depend on your choice. Do you prefer speed with less protection, or will you bolster your defenses at the expense of agility? These strategic decisions will define your playing style.

Understanding Weapons and Armor

Weapons in Crossout are varied, including machine guns, rocket launchers, and even drones and turrets. The choice of weapon should align with your game style. Do you want to hit hard and retreat quickly, or pepper your enemies from a distance? Besides firepower, protecting your vehicle is also crucial. Armor pieces can protect your components from direct hits but adding too much can weigh down your vehicle, reducing its mobility. It’s about finding that perfect balance that suits your approach to combat.

Engaging in Combat: Strategies for Beginners

With your vehicle crafted, it’s time to test its mettle. Combat in Crossout is fast-paced and unforgiving. Newcomers might find themselves overwhelmed, so it’s important to start with some basic tactics. Always keep moving; a stationary target is an easy target. Learn to prioritize your targets, aiming for the weapons or wheels of your opponents to cripple them before you go in for the murder. Also, understand the maps to utilize cover and choose your battles wisely. Not every fight has to be fought - sometimes strategic retreats are necessary to fight another day.

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Graphics and Sound Design of Crossout

The graphical fidelity of Crossout is impressive, with detailed vehicle models and destructible environments that immerse players in its gritty world. Each arena is meticulously designed to offer not just visual diversity but also strategic complexity. As for sound, the roaring engines, crunching metal, and blasting explosions provide a visceral sound scape that enhances the chaotic combat experience.

Exploring Uncommon Vehicle Designs

Once familiar with the basics, experimenting with uncommon vehicle designs can add a new layer of excitement to your gameplay. Think about creating a vehicle that specializes in ramming into opponents, equipped with spikes and reinforced plating or a mobile artillery unit with long-range capabilities but vulnerable at close range. Creativity in your vehicle’s design not only stands out visually but can also catch your enemies off-guard.

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Community and Continued Support in Crossout

What keeps Crossout dynamic and continually engaging is its vibrant community and the consistent updates from the developers. Participate in community events, team up with others for raids, and always keep an eye on the updates that introduce new parts, features, and challenges. You can not only gain insights from seasoned players but also share your own concepts and creations with the community, enhancing the Crossout experience for all.

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Concluding Thoughts on Building Your First Battle Vehicle

Crafting your first battle vehicle in Crossout might start as a challenge, but it quickly evolves into a profoundly rewarding experience. Balancing aesthetics with functionality and firepower introduces a strategic depth that is as creative as it is tactical. I recommend diving into the rich world of Crossout, where each battle is not just a fight for survival, but an opportunity to showcase your creativity and cunning on the post-apocalyptic battlefield.